A New Kind of Alderman When we think of an Alderman and City Council, we often think of the Ward Boss of the 1950s, chomping on a cigar in a smoke-filled room while handing out patronage.  While the times have changed, our expectations haven’t.  If we’re going to meet the challenges and realize our neighborhood’s and City’s promise, we need to fundamentally rethink what an Alderman can be.  Instead of an old-school Ward boss of yesterday or the status quo of today, we need someone who embraces the transformative potential of this job to lead our community into a renewed future. We can prove there’s nothing broken with Chicago that can’t be fixed by what’s great about Chicago.  We can marry the reform traditions of this Ward with the potential of new energy and technology to produce representation we’re proud of in City Council. 

We can lead policy innovation and community-building into a bright future for the 43rd Ward and for Chicago.  We can be thoughtful stewards of taxpayer money and make the right choices and investments in Lincoln Park, Old Town, and the Gold Coast. We can work with colleagues and neighbors to innovate and improve City policy to create a community that’s safe to walk around in at night, with dependably great schools, and with stable finances that taxpayers can trust.  We can have resident-focused development that puts the community first instead of the usual developer-focused approach that puts profits ahead of all else.  We can deliver great services in new, more efficient ways, unite neighbors behind a common purpose, and create a sense of shared community and civic pride. 

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