Strengthening Our Community

Being Alderman can be more than just responding to service requests, it can also be about proactively uniting all of us.  We can bring our neighborhood together in a new way and build and strengthen bonds with our neighbors.   We can unite behind a common purpose and create a sense of shared responsibility and civic pride in our home, where we are all valued members of a greater community.

A great Alderman goes above and beyond direct service and is driven to grow the social capital of the community.  That kind of Alderman is always looking for ways to increase social connection in their community to bring us all closer while accomplishing big things for the neighborhood. One of the reasons I’m so passionate about becoming your Alderman is the chance to dig into this untapped chance to create a community where we all have value and something to add. 

This is a great place to grow up, to be young, to have a family and/or career, to explore as we get a little older, and to live active lives as seniors.  It’s a fantastic place where people from all different stages of life come together to live interesting and vibrant lives.  Let’s come up with excuses to get to know each other a little better.  Let’s create fun opportunities to give back and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.  Let’s use innovation and technology, not to burrow into ourselves, but to connect with each other.  There’s a lot of opportunity out there – let’s go grab it together.